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Business Advice

Whether you are looking to grow your business, start a new business venture or need advice on how to set-up and run your business in a tax efficient way, we can help you to achieve your goals.  As qualified Chartered Accountants, we often advise and assist our clients on key strategic matters, of which a selection are summarised below:

Business Review & Planning

At Capital Books we have a wealth of experience working with businesses, across a broad range of industries, on a variety of strategic matters such as long-term growth planning or simply how to enhance financial performance. We can undertake a detailed financial review of your business to identify areas of potential profitability and cash flow improvement or, when it comes to planning the next steps for your business, we can advise on the financial impact of growth and investment opportunities. We often provide this service in conjunction with the preparation of business plans and forecasts, so you can see the direction this could take your business.

Tax Planning

We understand the importance of good tax planning and can advise you on how to run your business in a tax efficient way on everything from corporation tax to capital gains and inheritance tax.


If your business requires additional liquidity, for example to fund expansion plans, we can advise you on how to achieve the right financing solution. We have an extensive network of lenders and can work with you to prepare a comprehensive set of financial projections to support a financing proposal and manage the process.


Starting up a new business venture can be daunting prospect. We can guide and support you through the whole process from putting together a business plan and registering a company through to producing your first set of accounts.  

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